Postnatal Care.

The initial stages of parenthood are often challenging. The process of establishing lactation, coupled with sleep deprivation, the incessant crying of babies, and the overall recovery from pregnancy and childbirth, can indeed be taxing for many new parents. However, with the JOGG midwifery led care programme, you are not alone in this journey. The programme offers a comprehensive 6 weeks of postnatal care, ensuring that you have professional support every step of the way. Your dedicated midwife will guide you through these transformative weeks, assisting you in overcoming the hurdles and discovering the immense joy that comes with becoming a parent.


Yes, once the hospital has discharged you from their care (generally up to 5 days) then you come and see your midwife in the clinic. She will help you with any breastfeeding concerns, settling techniques and provide a general wellness check on both your and your baby.

Yes! All our midwives have had extensive experience and training in breastfeeding.

No! We do like to see you at least once, this way we can send all the appropriate paperwork to your health provider.

No. Our midwives are fully qualified to preform your 6 week check. We do not do the 6 week vaccinations for your baby.

Yes, in general your child health nurse will come and see you when your baby is 7 days old.