Meet Your Team.

Mike Kamara


I had the privilege of growing up in a medical home learning the virtues of service from the cradle as they say. I convinced my father to let me see a caesarean delivery at 7 and I guess the rest was history. In medical school I briefly toyed with the idea of doing internal medicine but after exposure to maternity and gynaecology I knew I couldn’t really do anything else and feel fulfilled. There was just something about the amazing privilege of helping to safely bring a new live/lives into the world and the care afterwards that I knew I had to be a part of.

Laura Millar

Registered (Endorsed) Midwife BHSC (Midwifery)

I trained in New Zealand and have a Bachelor in Health Science (Midwifery). I have spent the last 9 years in Australia working as a midwife where I extended my qualifications to become an Endorsed Midwife which enables me to provide maternity care outside of the hospital. When I first arrived in Perth, I spent 6 months working at different maternity hospitals trying to find the best hospital to settle at. I settled at JHC because I loved the staff – their passion and caring nature is how I ended up spending 8 years there! I became a midwife because I love being Mum (plus my mum told me too!) The transition from woman to mother has been a powerful experience for me and seeded my love of midwifery. It’s this passion that I can pass on to my all of my women! My ultimate goal in my career is to empower women during their maternity experience by sharing my knowledge and my expertise in Pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood.