Caesarean Section – Online.

The Caesarean Section class is designed specifically for families who have chosen or been advised to have a caesarean section as their preferred method of childbirth. In this informative class, we will cover the step-by-step process of a caesarean section, providing a comprehensive understanding of what to expect during the procedure. Additionally, we will guide participants through post-operative recovery, ensuring they are well-informed about the physical and emotional aspects of healing. Furthermore, the class will delve into essential newborn care practices, equipping parents with the knowledge to confidently care for their newborn baby.


This class is for elective caesarean sections. If you would like to know more about emergency caesarean sections and medical interventions, we suggest selecting the Exclusive 1:1 Transition to Parenthood Class.

Yes! You can have a vaginal birth after caesarean.

This does depend on the hospital, but it can be as little as 48 hours or as longer as 5 days.

There is some research that indicates it can take longer for lactation to establish, however this is predominantly with emergency caesareans.

If you are choosing to have a caesarean or it has been suggested to you by your obstetric team, being aware of the process and what to expect can reduce a lot of anxiety.

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