Midwifery Led Care with JOGG

Midwifery Led Care (MLC) through Joondalup Obstetrics and Gynaecology Group (JOGG) embraces a dynamic approach to your transition into parenthood.
A multi-discipline approach that integrates the
art and science of pregnancy, childbirth, and parenthood by combining the emotional and physical ramifications of a women's maternity experience.
This new model of midwifery care through JOGG enables families to have the best of both worlds.
Your midwife acts as your own professional companion, promoting informed, woman-centred care while working in collaboration with your obstetrician. You will feel empowered and passionate about your transition to parenthood, confident in the support that your midwife and obstetrician will provide during your maternity experience.
The JOGG shared care model of maternity care recognises the importance of continuity and a multi-discipline approach to maternity. This promotes confidence and empowers both women and their families to achieve the birthing experience that they desire.

Contact JOGG for more information on the Shared Care Model on phone: 08 6244 6279


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